Delegates  Before 31 January, 2019 Before 28 February, 2019 After 28 February, 2019/Onsite
Doctor 4.000.000VND 4.500.000VND 5.000.000VND
Student/Fellowship/Resident 3.000.000VND 3.500.000VND 4.000.000VND
Other 5.000.000VND 5.500.000VND 6.000.000VND
 Gala Dinner  1.200.000VND  1.400.000VND 1.600.000VND
Mekong Delta Tour 1.000.000VND 1.200.000VND 1.500.000VND



Name: PHAN MINH NHUT - No.: 007 100 088 5325 - At: Vietcombank (VCB) Ben Nghe

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